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Metrics strategy context form

The following form will provide a range of questions to help us evaluate the nature of your business and to assist you answering the following strategic questions:Β 

Holistic Benefits of a Metrics Strategy
  • How much are you currently losing to poor tracking and/or suboptimal metrics strategy?
  • How much can you expect your business to improve if you successfully implement and adopt a data strategy?
Tools Stack Specific Aspects
  • What are three recommended tools to use, and why?
  • How much will each tool generally cost you to implement and operate?
  • How much time is required to implement each of these tools?
Metric specific Aspects
  • What are commonly recommended North Star Metrics in your industry?
  • Which metrics do we recommend you to track?
  • What are common metrics that you should consider tracking in your industry? (Aside from the ones you chose)
Data Specific
  • Which data sources must you deliver if you want your metrics strategy to work?
  • What data sources are recommended to start producing the required data points? (If you need to fill in the gaps)
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How important is data-driven decision-making to your business?

Monitoring metrics is crucial for success, although the necessity for a metrics-based approach can vary depending on the business type. A local business, may not need to be as data-driven as a large enterprise, because they can identify issues immediately as they arise. The enterprise, however, has a critical need for deep insights in every department.

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What is your current level of sophistication in terms of tracking and analytics capability?

Sophistication can come in many forms. You can either be using the best tools, the best North Star metrics, or even the most reliable data.

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How important is fundraising to your business?

Business intelligence and data visualization are crucial to investors as it simplifies complex data sets into easily understandable formats, enabling them to make more informed decisions, predict market trends, and optimize their investment strategies. Also, a strong demonstration of numbers solidifies ambition and decreases the likelihood of an investment being wasted. As such, it will change your metrics strategy if fundraising is an important component.

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What stage are your company at?

As a company evolves through different stages, its metric strategy tends to shift in response to the changing goals, resources, and market dynamics. While a concept-stage company rarely requires a metrics strategy, a Series B company will likely not be able to operate without a solid metrics strategy.

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What do you hope to achieve from your analytics and data strategy?

Improving your data strategy can happen for many reasons. Please help us understand what you hope to achieve.

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Please tell us a bit about your business

A bit of context will help us set you on the right path to the best possible metrics in your industry.

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What does your company do? *
Which industry are you in? *
Where is your business heading?
Do you already have any custom metrics in mind?
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Please tell us a bit about yourself

Lastly, we need to know who you are and how we can return your metrics strategy document. βœ‰οΈ

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