We are building what we wish we had

Launchr was conceived in an elevator by two entrepreneurs, with a shared belief that you don't have to learn the hard way

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We aspire to enable anybody to build
amazing businesses easily & quickly


We don't let our clients settle for indefensible innovation that can easily be front-run.


We meet all people at eye level and put a certain sense of pride in "Not wearing a suit".


We're all about culture. Teams simply work better when empowered to run in the same direction - together.


We work with transparent packages and not budget milking. Our goal is to ensure agility and profitability for our clients.


We help to foster the local startup communities, and we always give more than we take.


We always deliver more than what's asked, and go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction and minimize the risk of failure.


With us, there are no surprises. Everything is out in the open, and you will always know what will happen next.


We are run by experts and not salesmen. And we believe this is why, we're not lacking clients.
Nio Liyanage and Kasper Dam coworking at desk

Launchr is an extension of our personalities, built with passion, driven by a shared purpose of making a difference.

We believe entrepreneurs are the most significant catalysts of the future, that building businesses shouldn't be as hard as it is, and that better solutions should exist.
Launchr aspires to empower more entrepreneurs to succeed, subsequently encouraging more people to create impact by building commercially viable companies, and hope that (like us) they have a great time along the way.

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