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We offer customized, high quality & affordable products and services covering any need for companies, investors and accelerators. Explore our shop or get in touch to see how we can help you succeed.

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We are Launchr. Who are you?

Brilliant people with big ideas and a passion for building the future - we help turn those aspirations into reality. Indicate who you are, and find out what we have to offer.

Idea stage

We help brilliant minds bring great ideas to life

The world is full of brilliant minds with great ideas, but turning an idea into a successful business is no easy feat. We provide the resources, guidance and direction to turn thoughts into action, concepts into reality, and products into high quality businesses. Reach out to us to remove the uncertainties, get skilled up as an entrepreneur, establish your company the right way, and be set up for success from the outset.

  • Validate your idea, market & business model
  • Ensure you do all the right things early
  • Get set up with the right tools & processes
  • Have a defined roadmap with an execution checklist
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The most complete startup platform

Launchr believes startups can solve big problems and achieve exponential growth, while maintaining strong business fundamentals. We have combined our experience building and working with hundreds of startups to offer the most comprehensive set of tools and services for entrepreneurs at any stage of growth, without compromising on quality, affordability and customization.

  • Refine your product-market-fit and value prop
  • Optimize your business model & scalability
  • Prepare and execute better fundraising
  • Become data-driven and metrics-oriented
SMEs & Enterprise

Our SMEs and Enterprise clients make more profit

Modern day businesses are required to innovate quickly, adopt best practices and be highly agile in a landscape increasingly dominated by tech startups. Launchr can diagnose your business in depth, identify which areas to innovate, and rapidly execute changes with you. Modernize your workflow, become data driven, get your financials in order, optimize your marketing funnel, adopt high-growth practices, and transform your company for the better with Launchr.

  • Refine your business and optimize for high growth
  • Streamline your processes, tools & infrastructure
  • Understand your business through data
  • Adopt cutting-edge startup & technology best practices
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Invest smarter with Launchr

Launchr empowers any investor with the expertise, tools and access of a seasoned pro with our investor products & services. Find the best investment opportunities through our dealflow funnel, vet companies with our due diligence process, grow your portfolio by cherry-picking from our portfolio support functions, and even streamline your processes with the Launchr investor toolkit. Invest wisely and let your portfolio grow by focusing on what you're good at and leaving the rest to us.

  • Leverage our thorough due-diligence process
  • Use our portfolio support function for any business need
  • Support your portfolio like the best VCs
  • Get highly vetted & customised deal flow
Accelerators & Venture Builders

Supercharge your Accelerator, Venture Builder or Incubator

The Launchr accelerator platform is a one-stop solution for any accelerator or program supporting or building ventures. Find and vet better companies with our deal flow and due diligence products, and enhance your support to them through our business-building services. Streamline your workflow through our purpose-built accelerator tools, while enhancing your stakeholder management by replacing manual processes. Contact us, so we can assess your needs and customize a game-changing solution.

  • Adopt & customize cutting-edge tools
  • Provide better cohort support
  • Optimise mentor & investor engagement
  • Vett & diagnose companies better
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Agencies & Freelancers

Producing client work on contracts? The next level awaits you.

Modern companies love outsourcing work to great freelancers and agencies instead of hiring. But with a changing agency landscape and more experts going freelance, how do you stay competitive and innovative simultaneously?

Growing agencies and surging freelancers often face many of the same issues, which can halt or slow consistent growth. We have helped good agencies become great and assisted freelancers in growing past the never ending one-man-show.

  • Get a competitive advantage through technology.
  • Deliver more orders with fewer man-hours.
  • Price from industry benchmarks you didn't know existed.
  • Attract and keep top talent in your organisation.

Meet a selection of our technology partners

Lightspeed POS

Premium Reseller

As a premier partner for our hospitality clients, Lightspeed ensures that our clients consistently outperform their competitors through a more robust infrastructure.

About our partners
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Agency Partnership

The email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences.

About our partners
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Ambassador Partnership

Great companies need great products. Our partnership with Sketch helps our clients access the needed resources to create stunning digital products, breathtaking designs and logical user interfaces.

About our partners
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Software Partnership

We are a approved HubSpot partners, and our clients have the benefit of one of the strongest sales-cycle and CRM tools on the market. Any company needs sales, and we ensure that our clients have access to the best tools in the industry.

About our partners
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Reseller Partnership

We are certified Xero partners, and Xero supports our clients with best practice accounting software and practices. That's why our clients customers less time administrating and more time building.

About our partners
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Don't take our word for it

Our clients loves growing with us

Here at Launchr, we're proud to say that our clients love working with us. But don't take our word for it-check out our testimonials and see what they have to say!

More testimonial
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Jun Park

I've never expected a designer like Launchr. They are really passionate to build your order. I just thought they will be a result I ordered, but they did more with a creative idea. They has deep knowledge of various of products. You can do a kick-off meeting with him and brainstorming to upgrade it.

Oct 23, 2020
Jens Oreel Headshot
Jens Oreel
LinkedIn Logo

We are forever grateful for the strategic frameworks provided by Launchr which helped us start, plan, finance and scale our company beyond $100k MRR in 2 years.

Feb 22, 2022
Tamir Khur Headshot
Tamir Rhuk
LinkedIn Logo

Launchr helped us create a brand new app for our accounting services. Launchr delivered great results very quickly and guided us through the whole process of planning, conceptualizing and prototyping or new mobile platform. We're very happy with results that was achieved in a timely manner for a very fair price. I can highly recommend working with Launchr.

April 04, 2021
Khurram Hamid Headshot
Khurram Hamid
LinkedIn Logo

Great, clear communication, very collaborative and going above and beyond for our project.

Oct 05, 2020
Mick Harrison Headshot
Mick Harrison
LinkedIn Logo

I highly recommend Launchr, Very responsive and happy to work with you to achieve a perfect result. Great communication and responds promptly and competently to all inquiries. I would use this Launchr again for sure!

Jul 01, 2020
Kristin Schneider Headshot
Kirstin Schneider
LinkedIn Logo

Kasper from Launchr was extremely attentive to the requirements, very responsive to my tight timelines, and acted on feedback promptly. He was proactive in understanding not only my design requirements, but also my business and customer need. I would definitely recommend Launchr and will use him again for other projects. Quality of work - excellent.

Jan 09, 2020
Nico Reas Headshot
Nico Reas
Facebook Logo

Launchr is going above and beyond to help us conceptulize, plan and develop a cross platform tech startup for the actors and production industry. I highly recommend working with Launchr throughout all aspects of startups.

Jul 18, 2020
Mads Lund Headshot
Mads Lund
LinkedIn Logo

Launchr greatly helped up conceptualize, design and prototype our coming mobile app based tech startup in the sports industry. Good job and thanks you tons for a solid engagement.

Aug 16, 2021

Excellent work and great service, They put time and effort in understanding your needs and not just make a delivery.

Sep 01, 2020

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