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Affiliated sales and business development is a big part of our growth roadmap, and we’re always looking for partners who share our vision of creating a better world one company at a time.

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Best Practice

Companies building with Launchr are using methods proven to skew the odds towards success.

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Despite our versatile product catalog we’re always aiming to dedicate a substantial part of our marketing budget to partners.


Your Business

With our partner program, you’ll be part of a vast partner network of accomplished businesses and individuals

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Data and analytics

Our in-depth analytics makes it easy to track every step of your client's path to success. So you can earn more with Launchr.

We have a few different kinds of partnerships. Here’s a quick summery.

Comissioned partnerships 🎯

10% - 30% commission

Our comission opportunities is for you if you have access to other startups or communication channels. e.g. VC’s or affiliate marketeers

Listing Partnership 🗣

5%-20% commission

Our listing opportunity is for you if you want to sell your services with Launchr. You list your services, and we sell them. e.g. You can use Launchr for sales.

Whitelabel Partnership 🏯

10% - 20% discount

Our whitelabel partners have existing platforms or portfolios of companies with continues need for our services. E.g. VC’s, accelerators, or governments.

Outside-the-box Ideas?

0% - 🧨

We’re always keen to hear good ideasfrom driven people. If you have apartnership suggestion - Let us know!
“We created our partner programs to activate our network and ultimately reach more founders and help put more succesful companies into existence.

Apply to be a partner today, regardless if you’re an individual, an investor or even a government.

The Launhr Partner program equips you with an extra set of tools, and your startups will be more likely to grow.”
Nio, Founder & Partner Responsible

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Read our partner FAQ below

1. When is my commision paid out?
You will receive a partnership commission for any sales that has cleared the holding period of 60 days and your total commission account exceeds $100.
2. Why haven’t I received my commission yet?
We hold our partner payouts for a 60 days holding period until the money clears. First after 60 days clearing time, the money will be paidout. This is to ensure that no chargeback from clients occur after payout has occured. Furthermore, we don’t pay out below $100.
3. How much commission will i receive on my sales?
The commission depends on your partnership structure. Some of our partnerships have larger earning potential than others, as our prices and marketing budgets are adjusted with our end client in mind. We generally operate with low margins, and we generally try to ear-mark our marketing budget agnostic of acquisition channel. So the commission is also an indicative representation of the size of the marketing budget associated with the products in question.
4. How can i track my sales / traffic / leads?
We provide you with a full sales dashboard that can help you track your leads, clicks, and interactions. If you have converted a sale, and the client was not tracked, then we can manually attribute the client to your account, if you just give us the name of the client and proof of referral.