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Do you want to attract better startups and grow more robust cohorts at your accelerator?

Do you own or run a company or startup accelerator? Read on. A company accelerator program can be an excellent way to attract better startups and grow more robust cohorts into prosperous companies. But it is certainly easier said than done, as hyper-growth in convoluted time comes with a range of challenges. The best accelerators can give startups the boost they need to reach their next milestone by providing early-stage companies with access to resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities. But they might just as well be a waste of time and leave the startup in the same place as they were when it first started.

We have conducted and assisted in countless accelerator programs in different countries, and we know what it takes to complete the overall objective - Helping startups! Since company accelerators typically run for a set period, it's crucial to have a well-oiled accelerator program that helps to ensure that cohorts are well-rounded and reaching their full potential. By investing in our company accelerator products, you can be confident that you'll be attracting the best startups and building the most substantial cohorts possible.

Cohort growth and scale made simple with Launchr products

If you're looking to take your accelerator program to the next level, Launchr's accelerator products are a great option. Our products are the only products on the market explicitly tailored for high-performance accelerator programs and will take the pain out of growing cohorts quickly and efficiently. Our products allow you to tap into an engine of excellent mentors, resources, and networking opportunities on demand - in all areas you can imagine.

With our products, you'll be able to focus on scaling the throughput of your accelerator program, and it's not uncommon to see our clients scale from 4 to 12 cohorts a year - while improving the overall quality of the accelerator at the same time. We have tools and products to help your accelerator journey, from finding the right startups, growing them with the right strategies, and funding them with the right investors. So if you're ready to take your accelerator program to the next level, chat with Launchr today, or check out our catalog of products below.

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